Tulsi Ark

Tulsi or holy basil (Ocimum sanctum or Ocimum sanctum Linn) is an important herb in Ayurvedic medicine (the traditional medicine of India). It is especially known as an adaptogen, an herb that supports the body’s stress response (whether physical, chemical, metabolic, or psychological)



Tulsi Ark

Benefits of Himalayan Tulsi Ark

Tulsi has manifold healt benefits :

  • It hels to suppress cold and cough.
  • It cures respiratory disorder.
  • It combat Asthma and Bronchitis.
  • It is best for solving throat problem nd Tonsilitis.
  • It defense against germs and diseases.
  • It is best for combating the Gynecological problems.
  • It also helps to maintain menstural cycle.
  • It has anti cancer properties.
  • It controls heart disorder.
  • It is anti-inflammatory
  • It enhances stamina
  • It contains immune enhancing properties
  • It acts as an anti depress supplement.
  • It helps to relax mind.
  • It is excellent for gastric and ulcer patient.
  • It helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • It can cure gums and dental problems.
  • It can be used in various skin diseases.
  • It helps one to quit smoking.
  • It also regulates blood cholesterol level.
  • It is best blood purifier.
  • It also protect against radiation.
  • It is best for different types of flu
  • It is best for sinus
  • It contains anti viral,anti fungal and anti bacterial properties
  • It is regarded as “Elixir of Life” in Ayurveda

Tulsi is called the “Queen of Herbs”. Tulsi is known to strengthen our immunity, help get rid of many common ailments, fight infections, and treat various hair and skin disorders too. Well, looks like it might just be magical. So, in honor of the Holy Basil,
here are some benefits of Tulsi:

It fights acne

Out of the host of skin problems it clears up, it is known to be a sure-fire way to get rid of acne. It kills infections and bacteria, and heals both internal and external skin infections. Moreover, it’s completely natural, and totally safe to use. Thus, Tulsi oil is a go-to natural remedy for many. This is due to its main compound, eugenol, which is supposed to combat multiple skin disorders. You can also use it with coconut oil to amp it up, and help the skin absorb it better.

It helps fight cancer

While Tulsi works as a natural cancer treatment; few realize that it can actually prevent it as well! Research shows that people who regularly consume Tulsi have better immunity and are less susceptible to developing cancer cells. It induces cancer cell death, increases anti-oxidant activity, and stops the spread of cancer from one organ to another as well. Moreover, it’s safe, non-toxic, and easily available too.

It balances our hormones

It regulates our cortisol levels (commonly known as the stress hormone), which can have a great impact on our immunity, bone density, heart disease, memory, learning and weight gain. Reap these benefits by drinking Tulsi tea, or adding it into your food. You can even have it raw, powdered, or in a paste form as well. It’ll help calm down your system, and keep everything running smoothly and perfectly. Moreover, it is also a great source of vitamin K, which helps your bones and heart remain healthy.

It helps improve respiratory disorders

It is majorly beneficial in treating respiratory ailments like bronchitis, asthma, deep cough, etc. It helps relieve congestion, and hence, allows for easier breathing. Moreover, it also helps relieve headaches, especially those that come on due to sinus issues, as it has sedative and disinfectant properties too.

It is great for diabetes

Looks like it really does have some magic in it- Tulsi has the ability to control blood glucose levels too! It counters elevated blood sugar levels, corrects abnormal lipid profiles, and protects the kidneys and liver from metabolic damage which can be caused due to high glucose levels. Thus, it is extremely beneficial for diabetics as well.

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